Palazzo della Salute - Via San Francesco 90, Padova


The FNIP day is an international symposium on Neuroscience and Microscopy. The invited speakers and attendees will discuss the current open challenges and state-of-the-art solutions necessary to further advance the study of the brain through fluorescence microscopy and novel analysis techniques.

Covered topics will include:

  • Multimodal optical microscopy
  • Two-photon brain imaging
  • Correlation of neuronal activity and behavioural data
  • Cortical Dynamics and Coding Mechanisms
  • Brain organoids studies from Parkinson disease with imaging and electrophysiology
  • Development of high-resolution microscopy platform
  • Open-source microscopy platform for recording and analyzing neural activity in freely behaving animals

Prof. A. Diaspro, Director of the Department of Nanophysics at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), Deputy Director of IIT, will open with a plenary talk the symposium